Several questions answered after girl, 5, was left at convenience store

Posted at: 08/31/2014 5:09 PM
By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4

De Baca County deputies have answered several questions regarding a 5-year-old girl who was left behind for hours at a New Mexico convenience store Saturday.

Officials say the little girl's large family was picking up supplies for a camping trip when her babysitter left her at an Allsup's convenience store in Fort Sumner.

The girl told employees here her name was Sasha.

She sat for hours playing games with the manager's young daughter while police tried to track down the babysitter who left her here.

Allsup's clerk Lori Moyer says the babysitter went to the bathroom and told the little girl to stay inside the store. At some point though, the babysitter left.

Deputies though told KOB, Sasha and her seven siblings, along with the 39-year-old babysitter and Sasha's parents were on a camping trip at Lake Sumner. They came to get supplies in town and lost track of the little girl.

Moyer says Sasha wasn't in good shape.

"She was just ragged, her hair wasn't brushed. Like she'd been playing outside. Her clothes were really dirty," said Moyer. "From the outside, other than being dirty and not taken care of on the outside, I can't tell you what's gone on the inside."

A few of the employees went to the Family Dollar and bought her a new outfit -- then took her photograph for police to use in their search for her family and that babysitter.

Moyer says there were a few things that seemed strange about Sasha's behavior -- she didn't know her own last name.

We also know Children Youth and Families Department was involved in the investigation but the De Baca County Sheriff's office says all of the kids including Sasha have been returned to their parents' custody, and the family has gone back home to Portales.