Girl, 5, left at Allsup's reunited with family; investigation ongoing

Posted at: 08/31/2014 10:03 PM
By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Deputies in De Baca County say the help of some very caring store clerks and the media broadcasting a photo helped reunite a 5-year-old girl with her family after she was left behind at a convenience store.  However, the sheriff's office says their investigation isn't over.

Little Sasha's big family was shopping for supplies at the Allsup's in Fort Sumner Saturday. The family's eight kids, along with mom, dad, and a 39-year-old woman who babysits for the family were camping out at Lake Sumner.

Most of the gang drove to the store, but only Sasha, the babysitter, and dad went inside. But when they took off, they left Sasha.

"My gut, I was mad," said Lori Moyer. "The mom instincts were like "take her home."

Moyer was working at the convenience store Saturday when she noticed 5-year-old Sasha.

"She didn't know her last name, which was unusual for a 5-year-old," said Moyer.

De Baca County says the babysitter assumed Sasha was with her dad, and dad assumed she was with the babysitter -- both were in separate cars and went off on separate chores when they got back to camp -- that's why they say they never realized Sasha was gone.

The employees who found her cleaned her up and bought her an outfit at the family dollar.

"She was just ragged, her hair wasn't brushed. Like she'd been playing outside. Her clothes were really dirty," said Moyer.

They took a photo and gave it to De Baca County -- it was broadcast around New Mexico on KOB and KOB's Facebook post was shared by viewers nearly 4,000 times.

Eventually through tips flooding into KOB and the sheriff's office, deputies tracked down the family's campsite at Lake Sumner.

Deputies say Children Youth and Families Department has given the kids including Sasha back to their parents, but investigators say there still may be charges of negligence in this case.