Roswell man celebrates 23rd birthday by doing 23 random acts of kindness

Posted at: 09/03/2014 6:02 PM
Updated at: 09/03/2014 6:25 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

ROSWELL -- A man in Roswell picked quite a way to mark two milestones in his life. He just turned 23 years old, and he just graduated from college. He celebrated by doing 23 random acts of kindness.  

"It makes me feel great," said Abe Assaad.

Assaad started out by writing a flier saying, "To celebrate and thank everyone who helped me get this far, I am doing 23 random acts of kindness this week.  I hope you have a beautiful day."

Then he got to work. First, he made laundry baggies filled with detergent, dryer sheets and coins.

He placed the baggies on washing machines in laundromats.

"I like to help people and make friends," said Assaad.

Next, he taped quarters to his favorite vending machine on campus, with the message "Have a drink on me."

Next stop was Subway, where he gave four $5 gift cards to people standing in line.

On the flier, he wrote, "Eat healthy, love Abe."

Then he went to the cemetery and prayed for two people he had never met.

The rest of his kind acts included cleaning up park swings, delivering donuts to first-responders, and placing $5 on cars in a parking lot.

He also gave out more gift cards for stores and restaurants.

"It makes me feel happy," said Abe.

Abe says his next mission is to become a personal trainer, and one day own his own gym.