Shar Spalding

Just the Facts: Shar Spalding

• Position: Noon Meterologist. I hold an AMS seal and am a member of the NWS.
• Year Hired at KOB Eyewitness News 4: 2001. My first day was 9/11
• First TV Appearance: Storm chasing in Lubbock Texas
• Other TV jobs/markets/stations: KCBD, PBS Albuquerque
• First Reporting Story: Lots of storm chasing in Tornado Alley.
• Role Model/Most Admired: Jim Cantory from the weather channel and Steve Stucker!
• Why I'm A Journalist: I love to inform people and keep them safe. I have degrees in Journalism and Photography, but, as a Meteorologist, weather is my passion and I find forecasting a big challenge in New Mexico.
• Most proud of: Forecasting during the Las Conchas fire and the one of biggest snow storms that hit NM december 30 th 2006). I also tracked the 13 tornadoes that hit SE NM in one day.
• Favorite thing about New Mexico: I'm a native. My family lives here plus I love the unique NM weather, with its varied microclimates. I can forecast for desert, high plains, and mountain weather.
• Dream Job: I have it
• Favorite good causes: Roadrunner Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House and Susan B Koman foundation.
• Alma Mater: UNM
• Hometown: Albuquerque
• Height: 5 feet 4 inches
• Star Sign: Capricorn
• Kids: two girls. One 9 the other 12. I was pregnant with both of them while I worked at channel 4. My bump blocked SE New Mexico during my forecasts during my pregnancies. • Pets: dog, cat and a hedgehog
• Spouse/S/O Brad Spalding
• Siblings: One older brother
• Hobbies: Photography
• Favorite Food: New Mexican Food
• Favorite Sports Team: UNM Lobos
• Favorite color: Red
• Favorite movie(s): Groundhog Day

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