Stuart Dyson

Stuart Dyson has spent most of the last 34 years reporting on New Mexico, his home since moving here as a teenager back in 1970. “That was the Jurassic Period,” Dyson says. “We still had Double A baseball in Albuquerque and you could shoot jackrabbits where Ladera Golf Course is now.”

In his time Dyson has covered it all for KOB Eyewitness News 4 – floods, fires, triple axe murders, even an execution. Favorite story? “Easy,” Dyson says. “KILLER BEES ARRIVE IN NEW MEXICO!”

Worst? “DRUG-CRAZED TRUCKER BEHEADS TEENAGE SON, FLINGS HEAD ON I-40,” says Dyson. “He actually blamed it on the Devil – nobody accepts responsibility any more.”

Dyson attended the University of New Mexico during a time of riots and widespread drug abuse. In spite of all that he did not graduate.

“I quit to put my first ex-wife through law school,” he says. “Great investment.”

Dyson left the news business in 2002 and spent 3 years on the leadership staff of the State Senate before returning in 2005.

“I got three years off for good behavior,” he says. “But I blew it working for the Legislature, so now it’s looking like a life sentence.”

Dyson still refuses to discuss his experience with the Senate, saying the world is not yet ready for that story.

Dyson lives in a shady old bungalow in downtown Albuquerque with his sweet, pretty wife Colleen and their handsome, well mannered son George and a world-renowned collection of mongrel dogs and lazy cats. He plays guitar and sings with a wandering herd of local musicians who are much better than he is, although he makes up for his ineptitude by writing murder ballads and songs about cowgirls and moonshiners.

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