How to Be Conversant in James Bond in Under 8 Hours

Updated at: 02/02/2013 7:48 AM
By: Reelz Channel

Ian Fleming wrote his first James Bond novel in 1952, and finished 11 novels total before his death in 1964. The legacy of Fleming's creation lives on in the movies, the 23rd of which, Skyfall, has earned over a billion dollars in worldwide box office.

Of course, with that many movies in the series, it might seem difficult to be conversant on a character like James Bond with only 8 hours to work with, but we've come up with a group of Bond movies that spans the character's 50 years of cinema and will help you talk like a Bond expert in no time. And for anybody looking to be conversant in Bond, you're in luck — all four of the Bond flicks on the list are airing this month on Reelz.

Celebrating 50 years of Bond