Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Lawsuit Settled in Ramsey Co.

Posted at: 03/11/2013 3:21 PM
Updated at: 03/11/2013 3:25 PM
By: Maricella Miranda

A sex abuse lawsuit against a former Boy Scouts leader has been settled.

The lawsuit against ex-Scoutmaster Peter Robert Stibal II, 48, was scheduled for trial Monday in Ramsey County District Court. The trial was canceled following the settlement, said attorney Jared Shepherd, who is representing the plaintiff John Doe 170.

A second lawsuit, filed by John Doe 180, remains ongoing and is scheduled for trial in September. Shepherd's firm, Jeff Anderson and Assoc., also is representing that plaintiff.

Stibal, formerly of Burnsville, is serving a 21-year prison sentence after being convicted in 2011 for multiple felonies in Dakota County. The convictions include criminal sexual conduct involving teen Scouts members and possession of child pornography.

The lawsuit, involving John Doe 170, alleged that the Scouts' local and national organization allowed Stibal to sleep in the same hotel room with the underage scout, where the reported sexual abuse occurred.

The second lawsuit, involving John Doe 180, alleges that the Stibal used scouting activities to have contact with underage boys, Shepherd said. The suit includes thousands of the Scouts' "ineligible volunteer" files, which reportedly lists leaders suspected of committing sexual abuse. 

Other defendants named in the suit, involving John Doe 170, are Mary Mother of the Church in Burnsville, River Hills United Methodist Church in Burnsville, Northern Star Council Boy Scouts of America in St. Paul, and the Scouts' national and foundation organizations.

Shepherd declined to comment further on details about the settlement.