Rules, Expectations and Uniforms at Shakopee Women's Prison

Updated: 07/10/2012 11:07 AM By: Tim Sherno

Amy Senser was admitted to the Minnesota State Department of Corrections Facility for Women in Shakopee on Monday.

Warden Tracy Beltz says there is a process for admissions for all offenders, "They come in, they get their photograph taken, medical will look them over." Warden Beltz says new inmates go through orientation, "What it's like to be in prison, some of the rules while in prison, what my expectations around what their conduct should be while they're here."

Senser will wear a standard prison uniform of blue jeans, white tee shirts and long sleeve denim tops. According to Beltz, Senser will have at least one cell-mate, "Most of our cells are double bunked, we do have some larger cells that house 4 women."

According to Sensor's Department of Corrections website page, Sensor will be eligible supervised release October 20, 2014.