Congressional Committee Continues Probe of MN Medicaid Program

Created: 07/27/2012 7:37 AM By: Jennie Olson

Congress has been looking into Minnesota’s Medicaid program, and today it’s still not clear if lawmakers are satisfied with Minnesota’s answers to their questions.

A congressional committee wants to know more about money that an insurer returned to the state for Medicaid overpayments.

“I am really delighted that were able to resolve this conflict over the U-Care donation with the Federal Government,” Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson said. “That has been resolved.”

But a spokesman for the committee that’s investigating said the Minnesota Department of Human Services “has still not adequately addressed concerns about its misuse of federal taxpayer dollars.”

Jesson’s office says they’re now putting out bids to have an independent audit done on rate-setting for Medicaid dating back to Gov. Tim Pawlenty.