Joe Senser Lashes Out at Prosecutor After Wife's Court Appearance

Updated: 09/25/2012 12:41 PM By: Kate Renner

Amy Senser appeared in court Monday, arguing for a second time that she should be released from state prison pending her appeal.

The wife of former Vikings player Joe Senser was convicted in May of criminal vehicular homicide for killing Anousone Phanthavong with her SUV in August 2011.

Amy Senser received a new hearing on her motion for release pending appeal, because of a procedural mistake made by the judge when he dismissed her initial request without giving a reason.

First, prosecutors tried to convince the judge that there is reason for Amy Senser to stay behind bars during her appeal.

They said there is a risk she would run, since she left the scene of the accident that killed Phanthavong.

Amy Senser's defense said she would show up for court, and that she should be let out of prison pending the appeals process, believing there are legitimate issues with Amy Senser's conviction.

The judge in the case said he would issue a decision by the end of the week.

"I'm optimistic, I'm hopeful that he will find that Ms. Senser met her burden of establishing that she should be released pending appeal," said Senser's attorney, Eric Nelson.

After the hearing, Joe Senser lambasted the County Attorney's Office. Specifically, Joe Senser accused Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman of manipulating the facts and lying about Amy Senser being intoxicated at the time of the crash.

"Today is the day that I want to start leveling the playing field," Senser told reporters.

Senser said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, whose office prosecuted his wife, "lied about Amy Senser to the public. He wanted you to believe something other than the truth... And I want all Minnesotans to know that at no time during this process did Amy Senser ever try to hide, did she try to get away with an accident that caused the death of Anousone Phanthavong."

The Hennepin County Attorney's Office declined to comment.

Joe Senser apologized to the Minnesota Vikings for any harm all the publicity may have caused the team. He also apologized to Phanthavong's family, saying the Sensers will always honor Phanthavong's memory.

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