INTERVIEW: Children's Hospital

Created: 10/10/2012 11:05 AM By: Hannah Anderson

More and more babies born with problems today are able to survive longer because of amazing equipment and new technology and caring doctors and nurses.

Children’s Hospital in St. Paul is known for their detail to treating children, and this month, there will be a ball to help raise money for the cause.

KSTP talked to Erik Hagen, of Children’s Hospital, and Sharyn Duce, of Children’s Hospital Association about what the organization stands for and what they have planned for the big night.

The program at Children’s is to monitor the babies very intensively.

The high-risk patients are those who have suffered injuries related with birth delivery complications, where blood flow to the brain and oxygen delivery have been diminished or brain has severe bleeding, Hagen said.

For 79 years, the CHA members have raised funds to support programs, and the annual Story Land Ball is their premier fundraiser, Duce said.

CHA is the single largest cumulative donor to Children’s hospital, and over the years, they have donated $18 million to various programs.