8 Percent Increase Means Pricey Parking in Downtown Mpls.

Updated: 10/11/2012 6:55 PM KSTP.com By: Leslie Dyste

Many drivers in downtown Minneapolis say, paying to park in a ramp is a necessary evil. "They're ridiculous," one driver said.

A new survey by commercial real estate company Colliers International states that the average price to park in downtown Minneapolis increased eight percent in the past year, to an average of $13 a day.

The survey goes on to say, the increase was one of the largest hikes in the country.

Erick, a driver, says, the increase in pricing has him pumping his brakes when it comes to deciding where to leave his car.

"It adds to the monthly expenses and I do a lot of parking downtown," Erick said.

The city of Minneapolis owns 17 parking garages and six surface lots. The city's average daily price for a garage and lot- not including early birds is $7.50. The rest of the garages and lots downtown are run by private companies.

Out of the four companies KSTP called, none of them would speak about the increased pricing.

Cathy Haglund says, high prices are forcing her to shop elsewhere. "I plan for it when I come downtown but it's easier to go to the mall," Haglund said.

When it comes to monthly rates, Minneapolis is at $175, just above the national average of $164.