MN Woman's Prison Sentence on Hold as She Awaits Meningitis Test Results

Updated: 10/12/2012 9:08 PM By: Beth McDonough

A woman from Savage is waiting to find out if she has fungal meningitis after receiving injections of a steroid that's linked to a national meningitis outbreak.

She's the first to sue the drug company that made the tainted steroids. So far, 184 across the country are sick and 14 have died. 

Barbe Puro went to a local hospital for steroid injections to help with her chronic pain. Then the migraines and nausea started. 

She's asking in a class action lawsuit that the Massachusetts drug company pay for her pain and suffering. 

The lawsuit comes at the same time that she owes others millions of dollars. Last month, Puro pleaded guilty to wire fraud for her role in a mortgage scheme. A judge sentenced her to five years in federal prison and to pay back $5 million to victims.

She was supposed to start serving time in Kentucky Friday, but because of her health, that's been postponed until Nov. 2. 

Both Puro and her attorney say the timing of the lawsuit is a coincidence. Her attorney, Jeff Montpetit, believes others will join the class action lawsuit.   


The video below is an extended video clip from our interview with Puro.