WEB EXTRA: Political Student Engagement Lower than 2008

Updated: 10/15/2012 10:09 AM KSTP.com By: Hannah Anderson

Students were a large player in the presidential election in 2008 and came out in force for Obama. However, a new infographic released by Rasmussen College shows student engagement is no where near what it was in 2008.

KSTP’s Digital Media Manager Cory Kampschroer talked to Dean of General Education Brooks Doherty about the impact students have on the election this time around with the new infographic. 

In 2008, it seemed like the election was focused around change, and in 2012, the election is more about stability.

Things voters think about in 2012 are employment, food for families and financial stability.  While these issue are critical, they may not seems so interesting to younger students, which is why the number could be low this time around, Doherty said.

The infographic shows an interesting statistic: In 2008, 87 percent who registered to vote, actually did vote.  However, Doherty said that this probably will be much lower for the 2012 election, even though there will be more than 17 million new eligible voters.

The new generation’s political boundaries tend to blur a bit more, so whether or not this will affect the outcome of the presidential election is unsure, Doherty said.