COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: Spy Hunter 3DS Review

Created: 10/15/2012 10:24 AM By: Aaron Chalich

I was just taken back to 1983 sitting in an arcade and watching people control a G-6155 Interceptor supercar while the “Peter Gunn” theme played in the background. How many of you remember the game “Spy Hunter?” I loved this game and spent a lot of money on it back in the day. 

Your mission was to destroy enemy cars on a freeway. Along the way you could upgrade weapons by driving into a semi and you would get smoke screens, oil slicks and missiles.

It was a really fun game and when I received the review copy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s “Spy Hunter” for the 3DS all of my great arcade memories came back.

“Spy Hunter” for the 3DS is a reboot of the classic game and you play the role of the “Agent” who is the driver of the classic G-1655 Interceptor super car. This time it is armed with new and upgraded weapons. The car can also turn into a speed boat and an off-road assault vehicle.

I really liked this game a lot and I thought the story was great and very interesting. You start out by test driving the G-1655 because it is a government secret supercar and just as you start playing the game, you find out that someone wants to steal the car and it’s your mission stop the global terrorist organization from stealing it and taking over the world. 

Along the way you get advice and help from a defense administrator, Commander Fielding and the scientist who created the car.

The graphics were also great. Everything looked amazing and the details of the scenery and vehicles looked pretty slick. Also when a vehicle exploded or started on fire, it looked pretty realistic. The graphic designers really spent a lot of time working on this game and it really shows.

The 3D really makes the game and works great. One neat visual was when, you are going down the road and the enemy cars are dropping bombs out of the back of their vehicles, it really looks like you are going to get hit in the face with the bombs.

Also when you destroy an enemy vehicle, it explodes and it looks amazing. There are doors, wheels, hoods, and car parts flying everywhere and the 3D just adds to it.

I thought the controls were pretty good and easy to learn. It did take me a little while to get the steering down, but after a few minutes I figured it out. You use the right trigger for the gas and the left for the brake and reverse. If you want to use your turbo boost, you just tap the right trigger twice. 

I also really liked how easy it was to use your special weapons. You use, the A, B, X, and Y buttons for each weapon. You can also change your weapons before you start a mission. You just take the stylus and drag and drop which weapon you would like to use.

You have a rear weapon, a side weapon, front weapon and a roof weapon. Some of the weapons have unlimited ammo like the machine gun. I really liked the variety of weapons a lot.

As you are playing you can view your vehicle stats on the bottom screen and you can also unlock gates when you get close to them by tapping an eye icon on the screen. I really like all of the added little features and it is really helpful.

There are a lot of new features in “Spy Hunter” that make the game a lot of fun. You now have additional support while playing the game from an aerial support drone, you can also customize your weapons and have better control when you transform.

I mentioned this before, but you can now customize your vehicle by selecting different weapons as you go through the game, you unlock different weapons that will help you through certain levels.

Some weapons are better than others and will help you out a lot. I really like the strategy of figuring out which weapon worked best for each level.

The one thing that I look for in a game and it is also very important is the replay value. I don’t want to beat a game and then walk away from it. I want to explore and unlock things. “Spy Hunter” in my opinion has great replay value. As you play you can choose many different paths to go on and you can change vehicles which make a ton of different roads and waterways available for you to go through. 

Also by doing different things in the game, you will unlock different performance titles. I’m not quite sure what these do, but I do want to try and unlock all of them.

Another cool thing is that I thought was neat, was that when you created a huge crash by destroying a bunch of enemy vehicles,  the games goes into slow motion and you can watch all of the destruction and chaos happening right in front of your eyes. This was so cool.

Overall I really like Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s “Spy Hunter” a lot. It brought back a lot of great arcade memories, the graphics were amazing, the controls were easy to learn and there is a great replay value to the game. I know that other people who are and were a fan of the 1983 “Spy Hunter” will really enjoy this game as well as people who have never played it before.  

Before you know it, you will be humming the “Peter Gunn” theme.

Aaron Chalich is a columnist for blogging about the latest entertainment news.