Column:Local News Through the Eyes of a Visiting Journalist

Created: 10/15/2012 3:52 PM By: Michelle Knoll

In a chilly day, when I landed in Minneapolis, I was not very optimistic to work smoothly with a foreign news channel staff but thanks to KSTP- TV 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS staff, after their warm welcome, I got enough energy to move forward.

The first day I went to cover a story with investigate producer Beth McDonough. This story was about thermal imaging cameras. This is a kind of heat measuring camera. I had never heard about such cameras in my country. It was a follow-up story to a fire that occurred two days before.

When we arrived, the spot a house was totally burnt and another one was partially burnt. A couple was walking around. We were told that they were owner of those houses and the surprising thing for me was, they were not looking worried. It was a quite rare attitude but I found out the reason when I asked. No one was harmed in this incident.  

Marlon Hall is a senior cameraman, who was with us on our first day news coverage. He is full of energy and always seems to enjoy every movement of his life as he told me while taking shots “he doesn’t shoot in sequence. He shoots in movement and sequence ultimately comes in it”.

Later we went to the St. Paul Fire Department, where we met the Assistant fire chief .He told us that thermal imaging cameras are an amazing thing and via infrared these can show the amount of heat from a distance. In that time, I remembered Karachi Factory fire incident in which more than 250 factory worker were burnt helplessly, and when I told them about this incident, they all were shocked but I was not.

While working here early some days, I observed that contents for news bulletin here varies from day to day, but on the other side in our country priorities are decided for every news bulletin and these priorities decided for the best interest of some section of the country. News worthiness is not an issue there, but its matter here.

Here people are much more interested in weather than politics.

News studio and production control rooms are well equipped and technologically advanced. People working in these two places are  full of life and very interactive with each other.

People working in the newsroom are not limited by their designations. Producers do reporting, most of camerapersons are good editors, some reporter operate camera as well.

I am enjoying my stay here, learning many new things and working with the best professionals in the field of media and communication.

Editor's Note: Naseer Ahmed Baloch is a visiting journalist from Pakistan