INTERVIEW: Health Tools for Flu Season

Updated: 10/17/2012 12:52 PM By: Hannah Anderson

Flu season is here and with busy schedules, sometimes it can be tough to stay healthy.  There are things to better manage time like online pharmacies, but with all the different types of medical websites out there, consumers have a hard time knowing what resources to trust.

KSTP talked to pharmacist Jim Morelli in studio to help sift through the websites.

Online pharmacies are convenient and sometimes cheaper, Morelli said.

If you use an online pharmacy, make sure it’s reputable and use the same one every time so they know what you’re talking about when you need to order a drug.

Another draw back to online pharmacies is that doctors can’t monitor the patient taking the medication the way they are supposed to. 

There also are a lot of online home remedies that work too such as: lemons for Morelli, baking soda for itching, vinegar for jellyfish stings and meat tenderizer for bee stings.

Morelli said if you decide to go with generic brand names, there is no difference, except the price.