Study: Annual Check-Ups May Not Be Necessary

Created: 10/18/2012 8:12 AM By: Jennie Olson

Many people got to the doctor at least once a year for an annual check-up, but just how vital are they to our health?

A new study by British researchers compared the health of those who got an annual check-up with people who didn’t. There was no difference in risk of death from heart disease, cancer, or any other disease.

Every year, people spend $187 million for blood tests during physical exams, so that money might be going toward something that people don’t even need.

Experts recommend going to the doctor every two years.

“If you're going to space these out, you want to make sure you're really listening to your body,” said ABC News Medical Expert Dr. Richard Besser. “And if something doesn't feel right, you're getting it checked out. And find a doctor you can really talk to.”

Dr. Besser says those conversations will help you improve your health.