COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: Doom 3 Review

Created: 10/19/2012 10:47 AM By: Aaron Chalich

This week I received a review copy of Bethesda’s “Doom 3: BFG Edition” for the PS3.  This game is great!

I never really played much of “Doom” or “Doom II” when they first came out, but I did play “Doom 3” and really enjoyed it. Doom 3: The BFG Edition includes all three games, so now you can play Doom and Doom II along with a re-mastered version of Doom 3. 

This is very exciting because it is the first time any Doom game has been released on the PS3.
Doom is a first person shooter.  What this means is that you play the game through the perspective of the character. It’s like you are walking through the game. You don’t see your character but you can see his hands when he is punching or using weapons.

When you start the game you can choose to either play Doom, Doom II or Doom 3. Then once you select your game you can choose the levels you want to play and the difficulty. The one thing that took me a little while to figure out was how to go back to the selection screen to choose a different Doom game. When you are in the game you have to exit out and then press the “o” button and that takes you to the screen where you can choose between the three games.

The main story for the Doom games is that you are a marine and are sent to Mars for punishment. Eventually, a bunch of demons are released from hell and you have to stop them. Along the way you find many different weapons to use against the demons such as, shotguns, chain guns, rocket launchers, chainsaws and of course the BFG. You also can find ammo and health. One little thing  that I think is awesome about Doom and Doom II is that there is a little picture of your character on the bottom of the screen and as you take damage his face changes. The more damage you take the bloodier and bloodier he gets.

Doom and Doom II’s stories is not that complex. You pretty much just jump into the game and start shooting. You do not get any cut scenes at the beginning of the game explaining what you are doing or why you are on Mars, but eventually you figure it out.

Doom 3 is pretty much a reboot of the first Doom and the story is similar, where you are a marine that is sent to Mars and you must stop demons that have been released from hell from taking over the space station. I really like the story for Doom 3 and I think it is really good. There are a lot of cut scenes explaining what is going on in the game and what you need to do. They look amazing and I feel they add a lot to the game.

The graphics for Doom and Doom II are just like they were back in the 90’s when they came out. They look the same, but I think it’s great. Why? Because this is a collector’s edition and that’s how they looked when they were first released on the PC and home consoles. I think it give the games a real nostalgic feel and people like that, especially me.

Doom 3’s graphics are amazing. The graphics are re-mastered and a can be played in 3D. The developers did a great job with the graphics and there are a ton of details. The humans look lifelike and the demons look amazing and very horrifying. The lighting is also amazing. There are a lot of dark corners and dimly lighted areas that are just creepy and give you an eerie feeling as you are playing.

The controls are also great. For both Doom and Doom II you can access a menu and you are told what buttons do what and it’s very easy to pick up. Controlling your character is so easy and I never had any problems. It was easy to quickly switch between weapons and to open doors.
Doom 3 was also the same way. There were in game tutorials that were very helpful and in no time you were easily controlling you character. In Doom 3 you have more things to use, like a flashlight and you have a personal digital assistant (PDA) that is very helpful and will show you what your current mission is and you can check emails that help you with the story.

The flashlight is a new item and can be used anytime. You will use it a lot. There are times when you enter an area and it is completely dark and you need the flashlight to help you find a switch or to find your way out.  It has a meter and can run out. However if you turn it off, the battery charges and you can use it again. This does not take long at all. 

Once thing that I love is that when you are looking around with the flashlight there are demons hiding in corners and when you shine your light on them, they will jump out. I will have to admit that I jumped a few times.

There are different switches and elevators that you can interact with and when you walk up to them, you are shown what button to push and what you need to do to activate them. For instance you can make a bridge to get over a certain area. You walk up to the computer and an arrow pops up with the triangle icon above it. You need to push the triangle button and once you do the bridge is assembled and you can go across it.

There are also some great special features that come with “Doom 3: BFG Edition.” You get the “Resurrection of Evil” add-on pack that features hours of new content and seven new levels called, “The Lost Mission.”

In the “Resurrection of Evil” you get a new story and a new weapon that allows you to grab things and also a new artifact that does special things in the game like slow-motion when certain things are done to activate it.   

The story takes place two years after “Doom 3” and you are called to investigate strange signal from a satellite. You find a strange artifact and it releases the demons again and you must try and stop the demons.

You can now play multiplayer and play against other people from around the world. Plus you can look at leader boards and scores to see who has the top score and who the best players are.

Trophies have been added, so this makes playing “Doom 3: BFG Edition” a lot more fun and gives is it a great replay value. I love trophies and I really get frustrated with some of the things you have to do to get them in some games. The things you have to accomplish to get the trophies in the Doom collection are pretty challenging but are not that tedious or impossible.

I really think Bethesda’s “Doom 3: BFG Edition” is awesome. You get three classic games plus a bunch of special features. Such as online play, the “Resurrection of Evil add-on, and “The Lost Missions.” If you are a fan of the Doom series or have never played it before, I have a feeling you will really like this game. I know that I am going to be playing if for a while.

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