COLUMN: A Malat Musing: He Lied to Me

Created: 10/19/2012 12:16 PM By: Phil Malat

The entertainer’s limousine pulled up to the door at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City. 

While the doorman was dutifully attending to the entertainers needs he was asked: “so what’s the largest tip you’ve ever gotten.”  The doorman said “fifty bucks.”  At which point the entertainer tipped the doorman with a one-hundred dollar bill. 

As the entertainer was making his way from the door to the front desk in the lobby he paused and said to a traveling chum; “wait a minute…fifty bucks?  Nobody in their right mind would ever tip a doorman fifty dollars?  He lied to me. I’m gonna go back there and punch his lights out.”   

When he returned to the door he said to the doorman; “you told me the largest tip you have ever received before today was fifty bucks.”  The doorman replied confidently; “yes sir.”  The feisty entertainer now ready to go at it, asked; “oh really, and when did you get that tip?”  The doorman said; “Last year, when I held the door for you Mr. Sinatra.” 

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