Cravaack Calls on Nolan to Pull 'False' TV ads

Updated: 10/24/2012 7:10 PM By: Tom Hauser

Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack says Democrat Rick Nolan is running a television ad he knows contains "false" information and should pull it from the air.  It's the latest salvo in one of the most closely-watched and expensive House races in the nation.  

Both Nolan and the DFL Party began airing TV ads this week that claim Cravaack doesn't live in Minnesota.  The DFL ad has since been pulled from three Duluth TV stations after the Cravaack campaign complained. The DFL plans to submit an alternate ad after some editing.  Cravaack, in an interview in his North Branch home, told 5 Eyewitness News Nolan knows the ad includes false information. "So if it's a false ad I ask him to pull the ad because it is a false ad," Cravaack says.  

A spokesman for Nolan, Michael Misterek, says the campaign has no plans to pull the ad.  "Chip Cravaack consistently used Jim Oberstar's residence as an issue in the 2010 election," Misterek says in a written statement to 5 Eyewitness News.  "It seems hypocritical that the Congressman now thinks he can have it both ways on the residency issue."

Cravaack says he never aired an ad claiming Oberstar didn't live in the 8th District.  He does acknowledge questioning how much time Oberstar spent in the district as a legitimate issue in 2010.  However, Cravaack says a Duluth News Tribune investigation of his public and private schedules in 2011 showed he spent more than 160 days working in the district, more time than Senators Al Franken or Amy Klobuchar spent in Minnesota.  He also says his campaign, until now, hasn't brought up the fact Nolan moved his family to Washington when he served in Congress in the 1970's.  "We never made it an issue," Cravaack said.