Richfield School District Looking for a Levy Increase

Updated: 10/25/2012 6:31 PM By: Todd Wilson

It has been 10 years since Richfield Public Schools passed a levy to pump money into schools. Voters will decide on two issues.

First is the renewal of the levy, which will fund $301 for each of the 43-hundred students in the district. There is no tax increase with a renewal. The second part is to expand the levy By $60 per student.
"The board decided on that amount because that equals about a 2% cost of living increase over the last ten years," Richfield Superintendent Robert Slotterback said. 

Superintendent Robert Slotterback says, a $60 request is equal to a $16 a year tax impact or $1.33 a month for an average home in Richfield. The city has determined the average home in Richfield is $169,022. If your house is worth more you pay more, if less, you pay less.

All the cash goes to all the things the district spends money on, like buying gas for busses, electricity to the cost of personnel. Slotterback says, no matter how things turn out, cuts are on the way.

"So if both questions fail we'll have to reduce about $3.7 million over the next two years. If question one passes and question two fails, we have to reduce about $1.5 million. If both questions pass we have to reduce about $1.2 million dollars," Slotterback said.

That means a teacher, custodian or administrator might be out of a job. It's a situation parent, Joan Johnson says, shouldn't happen.

"the students deserve better and teachers deserve better," concerned parent Joan Johnson said.