A Look at the Man Behind the Minnesota Stars

Updated: 10/26/2012 4:38 PM KSTP.com By: Andrea Hubbell

Last Saturday the Minnesota Stars made a win look easy. The professional soccer team beat their opponents, Tampa Bay, two to zero in the first half of the league championship.

But their legacy doesn’t end with their win, it starts with the man behind the team; Buzz Lagos.

Lagos began his stint first as a player when he kicked off his graduate school education at the University of Minnesota.

“As soon as I started playing soccer I fell in love with it.” Lagos said.

From there, he was hired to teach at the St. Paul Academy. For 25 years Lagos coached and helped earn the team four state championships.

Later, the coach moved on to co-found the Minnesota Thunder and continued to coach until 2005. That’s when he found his calling as the color commentator for the Minnesota Stars. His journey doesn’t end there.

Today, Buzz Lagos doesn’t only call himself a teacher, a coach, a commentator but also a mentor.

For the past eight years Lagos has made it his duty to get others involved in the game too, specifically, students from Higher Ground Academy in St. Paul.

Each and every home game Lagos loads a small, white bus to pick-up less-fortunate teens from all around the metro.

The route begins at 5:30 p.m. and can span from St. Louis Park to North Minneapolis. If someone needs a ride, Lagos will be there.

And without complaint, he spends hours taking them, safely, back home.

Over a dozen kids showed up at the bus stop Saturday.

But, unfortunately, it won’t be the same this weekend. The final match for the league’s cup isn’t a home game. The Minnesota Stars will fight for their title in the second part of the series, tomorrow night, in Florida.