COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: Dishonored Review

Updated: 10/30/2012 10:19 AM By: Aaron Chalich

I just received a review copy of Bethesda’s “Dishonored” for the PS3. I must say that I am addicted to this game for many reasons.

Your character is a body guard named Corvo Attano. The game takes place in an industrial whaling city called Dunwall. There is also a plague going on. You were sent on a mission to seek aid from nearby cities and they are not able to help Dunwall out. 

You return to Dunwall to tell the Empress the bad news. When you find the Empress she is murdered and her daughter Emily is abducted. You are accused of murdering the Empress and your mission is to escape from prison before you are executed and to find the person responsible for murdering the Empress. You must also try and find Emily before something happens to her as well.

I thought that the story was very interesting, because it takes place in a different world. The characters are interesting and mysterious. I had to keep playing “Dishonored” until the end, because as I passed each level and met new characters the game became more and more exciting.  I also had to find out if Corvo got his revenge and if he finds Emily alive.

“Dishonored” is a first person shooter, which means that you play the game from the perspective of your character. You never see him, but it is like you are looking through their eyes. I really like this type of game, because it makes the game play more intense and you almost feel like the character you are playing as.

As you play the game you can pick up different weapons such as swords and guns. You can use different weapons in each hand. For instance you can have a gun in your left hand and a sword in your right hand. If you push the “R1” button you use your sword and if you push the “L1” button you use your gun. There are also many different weapons along the way and you can go into a menu to select between them.

I think my favorite thing about “Dishonored” is that you can go into stealth mode. When you do this, you can sneak up behind enemies and attack them without letting other guards or enemies know you are there. You can also pick their pockets and get money and items from them without being detected. I think this really adds to the game and makes the game play more challenging and entertaining.

There is a trophy where you have to go through the game without killing anyone.

As you progress through the game you eventually get supernatural powers which are awesome.

You can also upgrade the powers to make them even stronger. For instance you can lean a power called “Blink.”  This lets you teleport to different areas of the game. You can also get a power that lets you see through walls. You gain these powers by finding rune stones that are hidden in the game.

You can also upgrade your weapons. You eventually meet a scientist who can make weapons. So for a certain amount of money you can buy the upgrades. Plus there are blue prints hidden around the game and if you bring these blue prints to him, he can create new weapon upgrades.

Speaking of hidden things, there are tons of things hidden in each level. You can find runes, bone charms and safes. When you complete a level a screen comes up and says how many of each item was hidden in that level and it also shows how many you found. You can go back and replay the level to try and find the things you missed. I liked this a lot because I think it is fun to try and find all of the hidden items in a game. 

It also gives you a good reason to play the game again.

I was very impressed with the graphics. The cinematic cut scenes looked great and the backgrounds were stunning. The characters looked lifelike and were very detailed. One thing that I really enjoyed was going through the prison sewers. There were tons of rats and corpses lying around.  The rats would run up to the corpses and eat them. It was pretty disgusting, but looked amazing.

I also thought the controls were really easy to learn. As you are playing there are tutorials that explain what each button does and what you need to do in a certain area. When you first start out you need to steal keys from a guard. The gameplay stops and a message comes up that says that you need to push the “O” button to go into stealth mode and you also need to hold the square button to steal. I thought that this was very helpful and felt that just about anybody could pick up the game and play it.

Also when you come up to an item or object a message comes up on the screen in small print and it tells you what you need to press. Again this was very helpful and I had no problems with the controls.

I really liked “Dishonored” for the PS3. It was easy to learn how to play and the controls were very smooth. The graphics are amazing and there is a ton of replay value. I also really think that the stealth and supernatural powers made the game fun and exciting. I think that “Dishonored” is very original and I think that a lot of people will really like this game.

Aaron Chalich is a columnist for blogging about the latest entertainment news.