NYC Mayor Criticized for Marathon Go-Ahead

Created: 11/02/2012 10:58 AM By: Leslie Dyste

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is facing growing criticism for his decision to go ahead with Sunday's New York City Marathon, as the city struggles to recover from superstorm Sandy.

Bloomberg says electricity should be fully restored in Manhattan by Sunday, freeing up police and other resources, adding the New York is "a city where we have to go on."

But some New Yorkers complain that going ahead with the race would be a drain on the city's resources, and that it's insensitive at a time when many are suffering.

State lawmaker Michael Grimm says the event adds to the feeling among hard-hit Staten Island residents that they've been forgotten, adding that some people don't know where they're going to be living for the next 30 days.

George Rosado calls the decision "repulsive." The Staten Island resident has spent two days scrubbing sludge from his tiled floors and is now preparing to demolish the water-logged walls of his home. He says the city should be focused on helping "elderly people who can't fend for themselves," not hosting a marathon.

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