Golden Valley Revamps Neighborhood Watch Program with Digital Communications

Updated: 11/03/2012 1:13 PM By: Nick Winkler

Golden Valley police will now communicate electronically in a bid to stimulate interest in its neighborhood watch program.

The program was plagued by declining participation this summer just as burglaries spiked. To find out why people were shunning the program Golden Valley surveyed its residents and learned peoples' communications preferences had changed.

Survey results reveal people in Golden Valley prefer to communicate electronically with police rather than face to face at neighborhood watch meetings. As a result, police are now digitally delivering E-newsletters, zone-based crime alerts, and interactive crime location maps.

Neighbors are smart to access and utilize these resources. Police warn several burglary suspects apprehended in the past several months have been released or are due to be released from jail as part of the judicial process.

Police urge people to communicate with them by any means they are comfortable.