Families, Survivors Share Stories of Stomach Cancer

Updated: 11/03/2012 7:28 PM KSTP.com By: Mitch Pittman

Dozens of people came out to the Luce Line Trail in Plymouth Saturday morning in support of those diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Stomach cancer is the second deadliest form behind lung cancer, and is often misdiagnosed, according to event organizer Rachel Domaszek.

Domaszek lost her mother earlier in the year after a two year battle with the cancer, which, like with many people, was discovered too late.

One person who came out to walk was Tom Torborg, who is in terminal stages of the disease. After his diagnosis, his family discovered at least seven others shared a gene with Tom which made them predisposed to stomach cancer. All seven have since decided to go forward with the only preventative treatment available, which is to have their stomachs removed.

For more information on stomach cancer and Saturday morning's walk, visit www.nostomachforcancer.org.