Review: Madonna Brings Her MDNA Tour to St. Paul

Updated: 11/06/2012 12:30 PM By: Sarina Long

"There's only one queen, and that's Madonna!" says Nicki Minaj in a video cameo.

Ok, ok, so there's no excuse for the mysterious delay, but once the Queen of Pop hit the stage Saturday night (Nov. 3), at approximately 10:36 p.m., it was intense.

Madonna's two hour, sold out show at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul was more like a musical on steroids than your typical concert. 

The 54-year-old pop icon has incredible energy and her body, rock solid.

The first few acts may seem a little dark and shocking -- filled with guns, dramatized murders, and blood splattering across enormous video screens. 

But we all know Madge is far from ordinary.

"I don't care who you vote for, as long as you vote for Obama," Madonna said at one point.  She follows that with,"You must VOTE NO on the marriage amendment."

The crowd erupts.

Drama continues to build with each song, perfectly choreographed with flying drummers, trap doors, contortionists, and backup dancers parading across the stage wearing glittery heals. 

The crowd went wild when Madonna incorporated the chorus of Lady Gaga’s "Born This Way" into “Express Yourself.” I guess that's her way of showing she has embraced her pop offspring.

Highlight: Most entertaining costume changes I've ever seen!

Lowlight: Some of the song pairings were off but that didn't matter because you're eyes had plenty to focus on. 

Set  list  includes classics: "Like a Virgin," "Open Your Heart," and "Vogue" but she also mixes up new hits (and misses) "Give Me All Your Luvin," "Revolver,"  "I'm a Sinner," and "Love Spent."

Family friendly: Not at all. Madge is comfortable wearing very little and at one point even unzips her pants, moons the audience and apologizes for her bruises/ripped fishnets but not the fact that she just showed her unmentionables to a screaming crowd of complete strangers.

Note: Madonna's 12-year-old son Rocco makes an appearance. Keep an eye out for the talented little cutie as he shares the stage with his superstar mom.

Fun fact: Madonna's last show in the Twin Cities was in 1987. At one point she even says, "It's been too long Minnesota, it's been way too long."

Rating: 10 out 10. Hands down, MDNA is one of the best concerts of 2012, filled with energy, seduction, acrobatics, mystique, and drama.

Tonight is a school night so I hope fans won't have to wait long for MDNA to kick off it's second show of the MDNA tour at the X.

Tickets are still available. Details here.

[Update: Sounds like Madonna's second show Sunday night also started very late. That's unfortunate. True diva. And let me clarify, the rating above was based on what the audience saw, Madonna's choreographed performance was a solid 10. Madonna's newest MDNA album is a disappointment, unlike her greatest hits that true Madonna fans love her for.]