ANGIE'S LIST: Advice On How To Switch Doctors

Updated: 11/19/2012 3:14 PM By: Ellen McNamara

The relationship between doctor and patient is the most important aspect of heath care, however, sometimes patients are not happy with their providers.

In this weeks Angie's List report, we help you switch doctors and find another one.

Libby McMullens son Greyson is happy and healthy now, but his delivery did not go as planned.

"Everything we had talked about and planned, for my induction kind of went out the window," McMullen said.

So McMullen switched doctors. It is something that Angie Hicks says is common.

In the last two years, 37% of Angie's List members reported they had switched doctors.

Hicks says people switch doctors for a few reasons. For example, they do not like their bedside manner, do not agree with treatment, or cannot get scheduled right away.

"If you don't feel comfortable with your doctor, it's time to move on," Hicks said. "The bottom line is, you are the paying customer, and you need to be comfortable and happy with who your provider is."

Switching doctors can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but Hicks says it can also help a doctor learn.

"Whether you decide to tell your existing doctor you are leaving is up to you, but if you are comfortable, it can provide some valuable feedback to that provider," Hicks said.

Angies List recommends that if a patient decides to switch doctors, have another one lined up.