Voters Pleased To Vote And Put Campaign Clutter Behind Them

Updated: 11/06/2012 7:38 PM By: Tim Sherno

After more than a year of campaign ads on television, mailers, phone calls and yard signs, Minnesotans and the rest of the country finally get to vote and put this election behind them.

Brian Williamson from Eden Prairie voted at the Evangelical Free Church, "It feels really good to get it out of the way. No more TV ads."

During the day there were some reports of voters arriving at a polling place, but were instructed to go to another location. No such problems occurred at the Evangelical Free Church polling location.

Voters also say they were eager to vote on the proposed amendments to the Minnesota Constitution. Vanessa Olive of Eden Prairie said this will be her first time voting and that she's glad to have a say, "It's really good because if you don't stand up for what you believe in, you'd better be prepared to sit down and watch it go out the window."

By late afternoon more than 1100 people had voted at the Evangelical Free Church polling place, many more are expected before the polls close at 8pm.