Dems Take Full Control of Minnesota Legislature

Updated: 11/07/2012 6:00 PM By: Michelle Knoll

Democrats have taken over full control of the Minnesota legislature after reclaiming both the House and Senate Wednesday morning.

Republicans conceded loss of control of the Minnesota House to Democrats after 2 years in charge. Then early Wednesday morning, they conceded loss of Senate majority as well.

Because of redistricting, all 201 of Minnesota's legislative seats were up for grabs.

Prior to the election, Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. In the House, the GOP controlled 72 seats to the DFL's 62 seats.

In the Senate, it was 37 Republicans to 30 Democrats.

After the election, the Democrats have 73 seats in the Minnesota House and the Republicans have 61 seats. They have 39 seats in the Minnesota Senate and the Republicans have 28 seats.

A spokesman for Democratic Senate caucus leader Tom Bakk  says GOP Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem called early Wednesday to concede the loss of the majority.
That came not long after Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers made a similar call to the House Democrats' leader, Paul Thissen.
The Democratic sweep comes just two years after a historic GOP power grab, and it fulfills Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton's wish for more receptive lawmakers after he collided with Republicans over taxes and spending. The victory gives the DFL the Senate gavel for four years, since senators won't face voters again until 2016.

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