Baldwin Wins Strong Support from Women

Created: 11/07/2012 9:09 AM By: Jennie Olson

Democrat Tammy Baldwin won strong support from women and younger voters in her U.S. Senate victory over former Gov. Tommy Thompson.
Exit polling conducted for The Associated Press shows 56 percent of female voters were behind Baldwin, as were 57 percent of voters under age 30. She and Thompson split the 30-and-older vote.
The former governor drew more support from whites, with 51 percent, and those with family incomes over $100,000, at 60 percent, as well as Christian and born-again voters. Baldwin will be the first openly gay U.S. senator and still managed to gain the support of 27 percent of white born-again voters, who traditionally are conservative on social issues.
The election was the most expensive for a Senate race in Wisconsin history, costing more than $65 million.

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