Bail Set For Man with "Threatening" Tattoo to Mpls. Cop

Updated: 08/05/2015 6:31 PM By: Jay Kolls

Bail has been set for $60,000 for a man police say has a tattoo that is threatening to a Minneapolis Police officer.

Bail for Antonio Jenkins Jr.made his first court appearance Friday morning. He is charged with felony terroristic threats against a police officer for a tattoo that depicts a pig in a police officer's uniform and an automatic weapon in its mouth. Investigators say it has a specific officer's badge and name on it with a threat written underneath it.

According to a criminal complaint, investigators say Jenkins is a known member of a violent Minneapolis gang. The complaint says Jenkins admitted the tattoo could cause other gang members to inflict harm on the officer. And, police say, Jenkins posted a photo of the tattoo on Facebook and bragged about it in a written message.

Investigators say those two things took the threat to another level and they brought the case to the Hennepin County Attorney's Office who issued the charge in District Court. So far no hearings have been set.

Police say given the gang's history of violent offenses in the past and Jenkins' admission of its potential threat to the officer, they believe the case will withstand legal challenges on First Amendment free speech issues.