FAA Looks to Quiet Planes Over Local Neighborhoods

Updated: 11/08/2012 9:11 PM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

Melissa Loftis says, when she and her husband bought their home in the Kenny neighborhood by the airport, the noise factor from airplanes didn't deter them.

"No, it was our first home and not even aware of thinking about something like that," Loftis said. 

Now with a toddler the noise has become more of a disruption to their daily lives.

"Especially when it's cold then you really notice, the jets are much louder," Loftis said.

Help could be on the way in dampening the noise from jets. The FAA is looking to phase out radar traffic control and bring in what they call NextGen traffic control technology based on GPS.

Councilwoman Sandra Colvin-Roy says, the system may help some areas South of the river but not Loftis who lives in South Minneapolis.

"They're adding this new technological capability to be more efficient, well my fear is the people under those routes will have many more hours of the day with that frequent noise," Colvin-Roy said.

John Engfer also lives in the Kenny neighborhood. He's come to realize that airplane noise is a part of the deal when choosing to live by the airport.

"If you're going to live in the city you are going to have to deal with noise. If you want to live in peace and quiet you get out of the city to the suburbs," Engfer said.

The next open house being held for the public is November 13th, at the Eagan Community Center from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.