INTERVIEW: Wife of Vet Talks PSTD

Created: 11/09/2012 10:14 AM By: Hannah Anderson

Post traumatic stress disorder is something a lot of veterans have to deal with when they return from deployment. Out of 2.6 million deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s estimated that 20 percent have PSTD symptoms

KSTP’s Megan Newquist talked to a military wife, teacher, published author about the impact of PSTD on her life.

Sharlene Prinsen’s husband served in Bosnia and saw symptoms of PSTD after he came home.

She wrote about his symptoms, rage mood swings up and down, nightmares, insomnia in her book “Blind Devotion.”

Prinsen said the book is raw and real. It hits on many low points including her husband’s attempted suicide several times. 

PTSD is something that vets deal with for the rest of their lives, but with good health care options and support systems, they can be on a steady path to recovery, Prinsen said.

Congress recommends screening for vets once a year.