Robbinsdale Bus Driver Off the Job

Updated: 11/10/2012 11:33 AM By: Cassie Hart

A school bus driver accused of asking a student from the Robbinsdale School District to pick up something from the road, that turned out to be a gun, is no longer on the job.

A spokesman for Metropolitan Transportation Network (MTN) tells KSTP the driver was “no longer employed by them as of yesterday morning”. MTN's Tashitaa Tufaa says the driver has worked for them since September of 2011, and has no complaints that "they know of". The driver’s identity has not been released.

The school bus driver allegedly asked the seventh grader to pick something up on the side of the road. It turned out to be a firearm.

The driver then asked the student to bring him the gun. The driver reported the incident to his superior at Robbinsdale Middle School.

The case is now in the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department, since that's where the gun was found.

It’s unclear if the driver faces criminal charges.