COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Midway Arcade Classics Review

Updated: 11/09/2012 4:18 PM By: Aaron Chalich

I get really happy and excited when I hear about a collection of classic games being released on one disc. 

This was the case a few months ago when I received a press release from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment saying that they will be releasing over thirty classic Midway games in “Midway Arcade Origins.

This week I received my PS3 review copy and I have been playing it as much as I can.

I really like this collection a lot and I know that I will be playing it quite often. It is so easy to get lost in “Midway Arcade Origins.” There are so many games to choose from and once you start playing them, all of the nostalgia comes back and you are back in the 80’s and 90’s pumping quarters in “Total Carnage” or “Marble Madness.”

The list of games that are in “Midway Arcade Origins” is incredible. 

I know it’s a lot but I am going to list all of them:


The games are in HD and look amazing. The graphics look exactly how they did back in the day of playing them in a crowded arcade. When you play a game, you can choose to play it within the boarder of the actual arcade cabinet to give it the authentic feel. You can also choose to turn it off, but I don’t know why you would do that.

I also thought the music and sound effects sounded great.   

Players can play with four other players at one time in some of the games like “Gauntlet” and “Gauntlet II.” You can also post your high scores on online leaderboards.

Another thing that I really enjoy about “Midway Arcade Origins,” is that there are trophies. When you start a game you can choose if you want to do “free play” where you can continue as many times as you want.

I like this, because you can actually beat the game and see the ending. 

You can also choose to play “score attack.” In this mode you play through the game with no continues and you have to try and get as far as you can. This is extremely challenging and by playing in this mode you can unlock all of the trophies.

I am really a fan of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s “Midway Arcade Origins.” I really like the selection of games and the fact that you can unlock trophies.

Plus you can play with your friends and post all of your high scores online to show how good you are. Like I said before, I spent most of the day playing this game and I am going to go now and start playing it again as soon as I am done writing this review.

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