Three Time Cancer Survivor Meets her Donor

Updated: 11/10/2012 10:49 PM By: Todd Wilson

Jenna Langer embraced Maxine Renning, the woman who is responsible for saving her life.

Langer was a senior in high school when she was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2003, and she beat that. Four years later she was stricken with Thyroid cancer and again she beat it. But as the saying goes, "bad things come in threes." In 2011 was just gaining momentum in life while working here first job out of college in Washington D.C. But out of nowhere she was diagnosed again with cancer.

"I was diagnosed with myelodeysplastic syndrome, which some people call pre-leukemia," Langer said.

In less than a week she was back in New Ulm, Minnesota living at her mom's house. Her only hope of survival was a bone marrow transplant. Turns out no one in her family was a match, so her doctor turned to the "be a match registry." Be a Match Registry found Renning within two months. Langer got the call while driving.

"I pulled over on the side of the road into some ones driveway and just cried at my steering wheel," Langer said.

Renning was a perfect match for Langer.

"It really was unreal, I was really happy to help someone that much. But you really can't put it in context when it's just a random individual," Renning said.

Langer had her blood transfusion in May of 2011. She is thankful.

"It restores that faith in humanity that somebody can do something for such simple reasons for other reason than it is right thing to do," Langer said.