NWS: Tornadoes Hit So Fast, No Time for Warning

Updated: 11/12/2012 6:47 PM KSTP.com By: Michelle Knoll

The National Weather Service confirmed late Sunday that two tornadoes hit the Twin Cities Saturday night, but say it hit so fast there was no time to issue a warning.

The first tornado hit  at 10:58 pm Saturday near the intersection of County Road 5 and McAndrews Road in Burnsville. Then at 11:05 pm, the second tornado touched down near Skyline Drive, east of Highway 13, in Eagan. 

Monday the National Weather Service crews were looking at damage in West St. Paul, trying to figure out if a tornado hit there too. The two confirmed tornadoes fell into the weakest category, EF0 with winds between 75 and 80 miles per hours.

Winds from that storm toppled trees, power lines and serveral garages. it also damaged a Senior Living center in Lilydale, ripping back part of its roof. Nearly 30 people had to huddle together on the first floor for shelter. No one was hurt.

Many residents didn't find out until the next day that an actual tornado hit. No sirens ever went off. The National Weather Service says there was nothing on the radar to indicate the storm was developing into a tornado. They say their radar takes four minutes to sweep the entire Twin Cities. They say the tornadoes popped up in the four minute it took to sweep back to that areas where they hit.

Officials say they are constantly balancing the risks of issuing a false alarm and aggressively warning the public.

To read the report from the National Weather Service click here.