COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Review

Updated: 11/14/2012 12:05 PM By: Aaron Chalich

I have been a huge fan of Activision and their games as long as I can remember.  My first experience with Activision was playing “Pitfall” on the Atari 2600 back in the day.

Activision has made some of the greatest games and they are still making fun and entertaining games today.

I just received Activision’s and Eutechnyx’s “NASCAR The Game: Inside Line” on the PS3 for review.

Now I am the first to admit that I am the worst at playing racing games. I like them and think they are fun, but I have always struggled with them. My friends have always beat me at them, but I have been a trooper and I keep playing them. 

When I received “NASCAR The Game” I knew that it was going to be fun and it was going to take me a little while to get used to the controls. I don’t know what it was, but I picked up on the controls right away and figured out how to control the car and I ended up winning my first race.

This is probably the best racing game that I have ever played. Everything about it is great.
There are over 23 officially licensed tracks featured in the game and it has all of the current drivers and their cars. The driver’s voices are actually used in the game like Darrell Waltrip, Mike Joy, Ray Evernham, and Ty Norris.

The graphics are amazing. I swear that every NASCAR game that comes out looks better than the last. The drivers and graphics look life like. You would think that you were right in the crowd cheering on your favorite driver or right in the driver’s seat.

The tracks and scenery also look amazing. The one thing that was fabulous and awesome was that when you got into a wreck it looked very real.

The controls are great. Like I said earlier, I picked up on them right away and that really impressed me. The cars are easy to control and there is a tutorial that talks you through what you need to do and that helped me out a lot.

I also really liked the fact that as you were racing you could look at your tires, fuel, engine and other parts of your car to see when you needed to make a pit stop. You could also change your view and that was helpful.

One of the views is from inside your car and you can see all of your gauges and it made the racing experience more intense and realistic.

There are also a ton of features that I also enjoyed and made the game fun to play. 

My favorite mode in “NASCAR The Game” is Career Mode. This is so much fun and you feel like you are a NASCAR driver. You create your own driver and your car. Then you play a full season and you race against real NASCAR drivers.

I thought that was really fun, because you start from scratch and you have to build your points up so you can race in the championships.

You start out career mode by test driving your car and this is where you learn how to control your car. I thought this was very helpful, because I understood how to race and what I needed to do to win.

After you test out your car, you get a sponsor and it is a real life sponsor. My sponsor was Menards and their logo appeared on my car. The more races you win the more money you get from them. As you win more and more races you get bigger sponsors and make more money.

There are also a bunch of great features in career mode as well:

Overall, I really like Activision’s and Eutechnyx’s “NASCAR The Game: Inside Line” a lot. I thought the graphics were amazing. The controls were easy to learn and it was easy to control your car. 

The special features were fabulous and made the game more exciting. I know that NASCAR fans will love this game and even if you are not a NASCAR fan or racing fan you should check this game out. I had a lot of fun playing it and I will be playing it for a long time with my friends online.

Aaron Chalich is a columnist for blogging about the latest entertainment news.