Toddler Severely Beaten By Mother's Boyfriend

Created: 11/13/2012 12:41 PM By: Cassie Hart

A 21-month-old baby girl may be paralyzed after she was brutally beaten by her mother's boyfriend.

Minneapolis Police say the girl was beaten so badly that doctors say she may become a quadriplegic and need a permanent tracheotomy to breathe.

21-year-old Eric Boone was charged Friday with first-degree assault after throwing his girlfriend's daughter onto a bed 'like a sack of potatoes' in their Minneapolis home.

The complaint said the mother, 21-year-old Shanise Pruitt, told police that her daughter would cry whenever she was around Boone and had 'blood clots' in her eyes 'all the time’.
The girl's doctors indicated that her injuries - including a cervical-cord injury - are consistent with the her being thrown.

Boone's criminal history includes convictions for disorderly conduct, tampering with a motor vehicle and interference with a police officer.

Boone will appear in court this afternoon.