Wanted Felon Arrested after Tip Call in Blaine

Updated: 11/13/2012 2:28 PM KSTP.com By: Jennie Olson

A tip call regarding a drug deal led to the arrest of a 20-year-old Coon Rapids woman.

A Blaine police officer was called to 116th Avenue Northeast around 7:54 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 1, after the caller said she witnessed a drug deal near her home.

The officer stopped the maroon Ford Taurus involved in the incident, which was occupied by two women and a man. The driver was identified as Melissa Terrell and said the man was her husband. The woman in the backseat said her name was Jessica Ann Smith, which turned out to be a false name.

The officer says the driver and the husband both had revoked licenses but Smith never showed up in the records because it was a false name. While the officer was in his squad car, “Smith” took off and started running north, according to the criminal complaint. The officer found 1.33 grams of meth and other drug paraphernalia while searching her purse.

Officers set up a perimeter and found the woman inside a trailer home. She had told the residents that she was escaping from her boyfriend, according to the complaint.

Officers arrested the woman and found 3.53 grams of meth that she had stashed in the trailer home.

She was identified as 20-year-old Alexandria Shayleene Hewey of Coon Rapids. Her record shows multiple felony arrest warrants and controlled substance convictions.

Hewey has been charged with a third degree controlled substance crime and two fifth degree controlled substance crimes. If convicted, she faces up to 30 years in prison and $250,000 in fines on the third degree charge, up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines on one of the fifth degree charges, and up to five years in prison and $10,000 in fines on the other fifth degree charge.