Car Title Transfer Mistakes Create Legal Headaches for Cologne Woman

Updated: 11/13/2012 9:38 PM By: Tim Sherno

A woman from Cologne says she was upset when she got a letter from the Department of Revenue telling her she had to pay $138 for having expired license tabs on her Toyota Corolla. Jennifer Aretz says she hasn't owned the car for three years.

Aretz had recently moved which may explain why she didn't see earlier warnings, still she says she's glad she got the final letter so she could avoid serious legal problems, "I would have had a warrant out for my arrest, it would have been a citation that's unpaid for, a collation against my credit report, it would have been on my credit report. And then I would have had a revoked license as well."

The Department of Transportation says if you're selling to a private party, take the buyer to your nearest registrar and record the sale immediately. You can also go on-line or call in to report a sale.  The Department of Safety suggest at the very least getting the buyer to sign the title and a copy of a receipt.

If you're selling to a dealer or wholesaler, get them to sign the title, and then take the extra step to call or go on-line to report the sale.