Ramsey Station Opens for Business on Northstar Line

Updated: 11/14/2012 6:36 PM KSTP.com By: Cassie Hart

A project that has been ongoing for about 5 years off highway 10 in Ramsey is finally complete.

The Ramsey Northstar Station is one stop on the line that runs from Big Lake to Minneapolis.

Metro Transit estimates about 150 riders jumped on board in Ramsey Wednesday morning. The goal is to have 200 rides per day from this stop.

Ramsey is working to beef up business and residential areas near this station. There's a new VA clinic, a municipal parking ramp, government center and new upscale housing there so far. The goal is to keep expanding.

As for the parking ramp, KSTP has been watching it since 2009. We've been investigating what some were calling "The Parking Ramp on the Prairie". The ramp was built in a spot without much traffic, and one that was barely used.

It went up in 2004 and just expanded to hold 940 vehicles. When we visited the ramp in August 2011, we counted 8 in 10 parking spaces empty during the middle of a weekday.    

Anoka County Commissioner Matt Look tells KSTP, he expects it to be fully utilized and near capacity soon. We'll be watching.