Text Messages Help Mall of America Shoppers Find Parked Cars

Updated: 11/15/2012 1:13 PM KSTP.com By: Kaitlin Stevens

Have you ever made the trek back to your car after a long day of shopping at the Mall of America and realized you have no idea where you parked? The MOA has a plan for that.

The Mall of America has expanded its SMS text program to include parking reminders.

MOA has more than 12,550 parking spots on property. More than 1,500 guests every year call on mall security officers to help them find where their car is parked.

Each level of the parking ramps, identified with a state name and a color, will have a sign instructing guests to text the state name to a phone number so they can get a reminder about where they parked.

The Mall of America, working with a Minnesota start-up company called Kipsu, will respond with a custom text reminder telling you how you can find your vehicle when you're done shopping.

Have questions while you're shopping? You can respond to that text reminder and get a real-time response from a guest service representative.

The new parking text reminders expand on the service that the Mall of America already has in place. Right now, there are signs throughout MOA advertising 10-digit numbers where questions or concerns can be sent via text message.