Statement: Senator Hann Weighs in on Stadium Seat Tax

Created: 11/15/2012 3:47 PM By: Leslie Dyste

A Republican leader is now questioning whether Governor Dayton read the Vikings stadium bill.

Senate Minority Leader David Hann sent out the following statement:

“The legislation supported by the Administration and signed into law by the Governor specifically authorizes such a revenue stream for the Vikings.

Did the Governor really believe the team would forego the opportunity to pass on the costs to the consumer? That is the purpose for the seat licensing provision which is a true form of user fees.

The first concern is whether Governor Dayton actually read the bill he promoted and enacted. The second concern is much deeper and has much greater policy consequences.

The team contribution to the stadium functions as a ‘tax’ by forcing a private business to help finance a government project.  Of course the business owner will attempt to pass the cost to the consumer. That happens in the market until costs cannot be passed on and the business closes or moves to another location.”

This is always the case when government taxes a business. I hope this serves as a lesson for the Governor and his DFL allies. ‘Tax the rich’ is a great sound bite, but doing it doesn’t always work so well in practice.”

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