Musel's Musings on Wolves: The Art of Knowing People

Created: 11/16/2012 3:38 PM By: Ben Musel

I had planned on writing about injuries earlier in the week, but then I had some business to attend to and Nikola Pekovic got injured. I figured that anything I wrote would only curse the Timberwolves further and they would become the first team in history to have to forfeit the following week due to their inability to put five healthy players on the court for a full game.

Fast forward a few days: business attended to, sweatpants back on, blog style back in motion. Since everybody and their mother has written about the woe is me Timberwolves and the mounting injury issues. Unwritten article is a no-go.

Then we get word that the Wolves have reached out to G/F Josh Howard and agreed to terms with the 10-year vet. Solid move by the team -- not my first choice and not my last choice. He brings defense, which the Wolves seem to be featuring this season as well as a long gone All-Star pedigree. That makes four All-Stars on the roster for those of you keeping track at home.

However, my interest does not lie in Mr. Howard. My interest lies in point guard Will Conroy and his contract. Many of you are probably unaware of Conroy and the circumstances that surround his affiliation with the team. In high school, Conroy met and played with a younger and very much more talented basketball player by the name of Brandon Roy (shooting guard). When Conroy went to the University of Washington, Roy followed suit. Roy went on to be drafted by the Timberwolves and subsequently traded to Portland for the rights to Randy Foye.

Roy, as we all know, went on to thrive in Portland while Foye wallowed in Minnesota and Conroy bounced around between Europe and the D-league. Then, in 2008, Conroy joined the Albuquerque Thunderbirds, who were owned and operated by one Mr. David Kahn. A few years later, Conroy was invited to Wolves training camp while his friend’s knees were keeping him out of his own camp.

Kahn’s affinity for Conroy paid dividends for both parties when Roy was amnestied from Portland and looking for a new home. Kahn got the talented shooting guard he’d been searching for (did he?) and Conroy not only got another camp invite, but a partially guaranteed deal to the tune of $100,000.

When the Wolves signed Josh Howard, somebody had to go and that somebody was our friend, Conroy. Eight games into the season and having played in only four of them, Conroy walks away from the team with fat pockets and a chance to catch on with another team and make another payday. If you break it down, Conroy made $5,000 per minute or $100,000 per rebound or $100,000 per point.  That was an extremely long-winded way of saying that Conroy got PAID. Sign me up for that contract.