No Shots Fired on Target Campus

Updated: 11/16/2012 7:18 PM By: Todd Wilson

Minneapolis police locked down the Retek building in downtown Minneapolis. They went floor to floor, office to office searching for a possible shooter. 

"They kind of became forceful about it to get everybody to safety," One Target employee said. 

At the same time several people who work inside nervously look out their windows to the gathering crowd below.

Rich Zimmerman says, his wife works in a law firm inside the building.        

"Everyone is scared, they are in closets, lights are off, doors are locked, they are barricaded or bolted," Zimmerman said.

Minneapolis police say, someone in a board room inside the building called security about a shot fired, security then called 911 just before 11 Friday morning.

"Within minutes officers quickly responded and the building was locked down. Where officers with K-9 conducted a floor by floor search," Chief Janeé Harteau of the Minneapolis Police Department said.

After a little over two hours officers came out of the building to say, the building was secured.

"And after a search we have found no evidence of any kind of shots fired or any shooting, there were no victims, suspects, nothing to indicate there was in fact shots fired," Harteau said.

Zimmerman says, he is relieved.

"From the feedback I'm gotten today , That's why I'm a little more relaxed state right now, I'm being told everything is ok and it was probably a false alarm," Zimmerman said.