Vote Stalls Flight Path Changes at MSP

Updated: 11/20/2012 1:37 PM By: Cassie Hart

MAC commissioners voted to come up with a new plan to change flight patterns over Edina and Southwest Minneapolis due to strong neighborhood opposition.

They are asking the FAA for more time to study effects of path changes.

Proposed pattern changes to the south will likely remain in place.

However, FAA representative Dennis Roberts told the Metropolitan Airports Commission it’s uncertain if the agency will allow just part of the proposed changes.

The agency will now have to decide the next move based on the recommendations from the MAC.  However, it may ultimately delay proposed upgrades to MSP for a year to 16 months. 

This is one small part of a very large effort by the FAA to modernize the way planes take off and land using new equipment.  

Most commissioners agree they need to use new methods of alerting public of changes like this in order to give residents ample time to react.

Hundreds of residents showed up to a meeting Monday afternoon to voice their concerns. They had a common theme: Don't build a noisy airline superhighway over Edina and Southwest Minneapolis.