U of M Study: Steroid Use is an Issue Among Twin Cities Teens

Updated: 11/19/2012 9:11 AM KSTP.com By: Jennie Olson

We often hear about teens struggling with obesity, but today we’re hearing about the other side. A new study came out overnight from the University of Minnesota that pinpoints Twin Cities teens’ desires to have big muscles.

There is a growing trend of teenagers wanting to be fit. They work hard at staying in shape, but there is also a warning for parents – they need to pay attention to how their teens are achieving those goals.

Muscle enhancers are now more of an issue than before. U of M researchers looked at more than 2,700 middle school and high school students in the Twin Cities. It turns out more than a third of the boys used protein powers and shakes; 6 percent reported using steroids and another 10 percent said they used some other muscle enhancing substance.

About 21 percent of the girls in the study admitted to using protein powers and shakes; about 5 percent used steroids, and about 6 percent say they’ve used some other muscle enhancing substance.
"Educate them on what the protein sources are in their diet because you do get protein, not just from meat and dairy and animal products and eggs, but you're also getting them from whole grains,” Cleveland Clinic Dietitian Kate Patton says. “Starches give you a little bit of protein; vegetables give you a little bit of protein."